Introducing an updated STATcompiler
The current STATcompiler (to be called the legacy STATcompiler) will remain available indefinitely, but the data will not be kept up–to-date. The data in the legacy STATcompiler are based on the DHS-3 tabulation plan from 1999, with limited updating since that date; new indicators on FGC, maternal mortality, domestic violence, and many others, are not available in the legacy STATcompiler. In addition, new surveys will not be added to this database.
The Beta STATcompiler includes many new topics, including indicators on FGC, maternal mortality, domestic violence, and is based on the DHS-6 tabulation plan and will be further updated as new indicators are defined for DHS-7. This new STATcompiler is currently in beta testing. While there are many new indicators in the Beta STATcompiler and the interface has been improved, in particular to support mobile devices, please note that data verification is still in progress. Please take some time to try out the Beta STATcompiler and send any feedback to
As always, STATcompiler data are designed for comparability across countries and time. Therefore, the data presented in STATcompiler may differ from the results presented in individual final reports. For more details, visit our web page on Comparability and STATcompiler.